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Lead Essays
A Small Future HeRB 10

God-Man or Man-God?

HeRB 5

In This Issue
HeRB 7
Introducing HeRB HeRB 1
Listening to Worship and Serve
HeRB 2
Predicting the Past
HeRB 3
Red Flower Theologies HeRB 6
Reification & Idolatry HeRB 11
Summarizing Presbyterian Missions in Siam HeRB 9
Syncretism HeRB 12
Theology in a Thai Operating System HeRB 4
This Elemental Requirement HeRB 13
Writer - Text - Reader HeRB 8
A Church Health Survey of District 4, Church of Christ in Thailand: A Report [PDF] HeRB 12
A Typology of Thai Conversions to Evangelical Christianity by Edwin Zehner [PDF] HeRB 10
Dancing to the Temple, Dancing in the Church: Reflections on Thai Local Theology [PDF] HeRB 3
Dodd's Narrative: The State of the Northern Thai Church in 1887 [PDF] HeRB 2
Fundamentalism & Asian Theology: Reflections on the 2004 PTCA Consultation [PDF] HeRB 12
Globalization and Ministry with the Karen by Esther Danpongpee [PDF] HeRB 7
Globalization and Religious Vocation:A Response by Don Swearer [PDF] HeRB 7
Gossip with a Point [PDF] HeRB 5
Interreligious Dialogue: Old Liquor in Standard New Bottles by Parichart Suwanbubbha [PDF] HeRB 10
Karen Culture and the Karen Church: A Report on a Consultation on Karen Theology [PDF] HeRB 4
Karen Stories of Creation by Esther Danpongpee [PDF] HeRB 1
Ministry and Globalisation in Australia by Philip Hughes [PDF] HeRB 7
My Religious Vocation and Globalization by Parichart Suwanbubbha [PDF] HeRB 7
Reflections on History and the Local Church in Thailand [PDF] HeRB 1
Religion and Community Formation in Northern Thailand: The Case of Christianity in Nan Province with Kummool Chinawong [PDF] HeRB 4
Religious Identity and Globalization (Would Jesus, Buddha, or Mohammed Drive a Sports Utility Vehicle?) by Don Swearer [PDF] HeRB 8
Remaking the Sapha: Demographic Change and the Church of Christ in Thailand 1982-2001 [PDF] HeRB 3
Research and the Local Church: Why? Where? and Who? [PDF] HeRB 6
Searching for a "Useable" Karen Culture in Burma: Notes from an Interview with Esther Danpongpee [PDF] HeRB 9
Sophia Bradley McGilvary and Sarah Blachly Bradley: Notes Towards a Family Biography [PDF] HeRB 8
Spirituality as an Individual Project: How Churches Might Respond by Philip J. Hughes [PDF]
HeRB 2
The Finnish Free Foreign Mission and the Origins of Pentecostalism in Thailand, 1946-1960 [PDF] HeRB 6
The Political & Diplomatic Setting of Northern Thai Church & Missionary History in the "Era of Resistance," 1867-1882 [PDF] HeRB 9
The Poor Lost Sheep at Phrae Revisited [PDF] HeRB 5
The Presbyterian Bishop of Chiang Mai [PDF] HeRB 5
The War in Iraq & American Presbyterian Missions in Thailand [PDF] HeRB 13
The Wiang Pa Pao Consultation on Evangelism in the Northern Thai Context [PDF] HeRB 11
What Does Seoul Have to do with Bangkok? Church Growth in Korea and Thailand [PDF] HeRB 11
Short Items
A Believer's Story HeRB 12
A Global Moment at Carrefour HeRB 8
A God Who Burns with Jealousy HeRB 9
A Key Note HeRB 7
A Non-factual definition of "Fact" HeRB 2
Admiring Jesus HeRB 4
Africa Takes Over HeRB 4
And the Power of the Past HeRB 13
An Idle Tale HeRB 8
Another Small Window on the Thai World View HeRB 10
Archipelagic Isolation HeRB 6
Armed Conflict in Decline HeRB 12
Bacterial Humanity HeRB 2
Calvin Against Contemplation HeRB 6
Canadian Decline HeRB 13
Christian Relativism HeRB 1
Compliance: All or Nothing
HeRB 5
Conservative in Theology, Liberal in Spirit HeRB 3
Creating an Interplanetary Web HeRB 10
Defining Religions HeRB 12
Detoxifying Bureaucracies HeRB 12
Edward Said: Doing in Exile HeRB 9
Elephants, Magic, & Karen Theology HeRB 2
First Protestant Worship Service in Thai? HeRB 12
Forgetting the Past HeRB 3
Getting the Past Straight HeRB 13
Gleanings from 1905 HeRB 8
Globalization Defined HeRB 1
Globalization: the Risk HeRB 11
Gutzlaff after Siam HeRB 13
Headwaters of Thai Revivalism & Pentecostalism HeRB 3
How to Become a Hindu HeRB 7
Human Origins HeRB 2
Identifying Core Theologies in Thailand & America HeRB 13
Le Pantalon Rouge HeRB 3
Locating the "Thai" in Thai Theology HeRB 5
Madam Yee Hub
HeRB 5
Mary Blachly Bradley in America HeRB 12
Missionaries, Missions, & National Origins HeRB 4
Missionary History in the North: the Cartoon Version HeRB 13
Museums, the Past, and Truth HeRB 10
New Life in the Church in Siam HeRB 4
Origins of the Word "Heathen" HeRB 2
Paul & Daniel HeRB 1
Preserving our Electronic Heritage HeRB 10
Railroad Research & Communist Contextualization HeRB 6
Recommending Wyatt HeRB 6
Religion & the Latest Ideas HeRB 6
Sarah Blachly Bradley: Round II HeRB 11
Shocking Pink HeRB 13
S.E. Asia Historiography: A One Paragraph Summary HeRB 6
Seeking a New Center HeRB 3
Soul Rentals HeRB 13
Sulak's Christian Upbring & His Charge to Christians HeRB 7
Thai Church History: A Measure of the Field HeRB 11
Thai Theological Innovation Reconsidered HeRB 8
The 8th International Conference & Religion HeRB 1
The Core of the Asian Gospel HeRB 3
The Counter-Intuitive Life HeRB 5
The First & Only Mormon Missionary to Siam HeRB 11
The Generic Past HeRB 4
The Grand Context of 19th Century Thai Church History HeRB 9
The Luxuries of Life
HeRB 3
The Many Christs of America HeRB 10
The Secret of (Lahu) Church Growth HeRB 2
The World is Not a Happy Place HeRB 5
Theology from Below HeRB 1
Theses Topics at McGilvary HeRB 1
Tomlin's Missiology HeRB 12
Towards a Glowing & Ardent Church HeRB 4
Truly Christian, Truly Thai HeRB 2
Turning the Tables HeRB 6
Vocal Dialogue Vetoed HeRB 7
What's Happening to British Christianity? HeRB 8
What's Happening with the Lahu Churches? HeRB 3
Zero Sum Theology in America & Thailand HeRB 9
News & Notes
"Akha Voices" HeRB 9
A Malaysian Church Survey
HeRB 1
A New Doctoral Thesis on Thai Protestantism HeRB 5
A New Project HeRB 1
A Quick Look at the 2002 Thai New Testament HeRB 5
A Thesis on Karen Evangelism in Thailand HeRB 9
Adventist News Network HeRB 10
An Article on Edward Said in the IBMR HeRB 11
An Autobiography HeRB 6
Another Ban Dok Daeng Update HeRB 6
Asian Christian Theologies: A Research Guide HeRB 9
At Last! The DAC Arrives HeRB 1
Ban Dok Daeng Update HeRB 4
Bradley Genealogy On Line HeRB 4
Centre for the Study of Christianity in Asia (CSCA) HeRB 13
Church & Culture Among the Karen HeRB 13
Dialogue of Life Dissertation HeRB 9
Dissertation on Conversion in Thailand HeRB 9
Dissertation on Thai Church History HeRB 9
Don Swearer Takes Up a New Position at Harvard HeRB 11
Dr. Herb HeRB 8
Finally: A History of Christianity in Asia, Volume II HeRB 13
Herb Moves On HeRB 12
herbswanson.com User Stats January-April 2004 HeRB 10
Hot Season Student Research Projects HeRB 2
In the Offing: an IACRO HeRB 2
International Conference on Religion & Globalization HeRB 4
International Youth Religiosity Project HeRB 13
Introducing www.thaicov.org HeRB 6
Jesus the Question HeRB 4
Karen Church & Culture Camp HeRB 4
Karen Research Projects Old & New HeRB 4
Knox Family History HeRB 8
Local Research Projects HeRB 3
Marburger Missions Magazin issue on Thailand HeRB 10
McFarland Family Papers at Berkeley: ABrief Description HeRB 7
McGilvary Reprint
HeRB 1
New Items on herbswanson.com HeRB 11
Northern Thai Hymn Sing & Seminar HeRB 4
Office of History Plans for 2002 HeRB 1
Pastors' Consultation on Local Church Research HeRB 3
Prasit's Doctoral Studies HeRB 6
Preliminary Findings from Phrae HeRB 2
PTCA Call for Papers HeRB 7
Quest: An Interdisciplinary Journal for Asian Christian Scholars HeRB 6
Research Report: Youth Attitudes Towards Pre-Marital Sex HeRB 5
Resources for the Study of C&MA Missions in Thailand HeRB 11
T.L Osborn: A Research Not
HeRB 7
Thailand Christian Directory HeRB 6
The 4th International Lausanne Researchr's Conference HeRB 7
The Billy Graham center Holdings Related to Thailand HeRB 7
The Payap Archives is Moving HeRB 13
"The Passion of the Christ" - A Review Declined HeRB 10
The Wiang Pa Pao Consultation on Evangelism HeRB 5
Thesis on Thai Community Church, Chicago & Lamp of Thailand HeRB 8
Training Pastors to Use Research Methods for Ministry HeRB 2
Two New Projects HeRB 2
U. S. Consulate Records and Thai Church History HeRB 9
www.aljazeerah.info & www.politicsandscience.org HeRB 7
Wiang Pa Pao Church History HeRB 13
Wyatt's Thailand : A Short History , 2nd edition HeRB 11
Youth & Religion in Thailand: A Project HeRB 12
Zehner's Editing and Consulting Service HeRB 11
Acocella, Joan. The Memoirs of Jessie MacKinnon Hartzel HeRB 2
Bruce Almighty: A Movie Review HeRB 9
Brailey, Nigel J. "The Origins of the Siamese Forward Movement" HeRB 8
Davis, John R. Poles Apart? HeRB 10
Diamond, Jared. Guns, Germs, and Steel HeRB 12
Jenkins, Philip. "The Next Christianity" HeRB 4
Koyama, Kosuke. Water Buffalo Theology HeRB 3
Le Blanc, Marcel. History of Siam in 1688 HeRB 10
Lord of the Rings: A Movie Review HeRB 9
Lord, Donald C. Mo Bradley and Thailand HeRB 11
M�kela�, Jaakko. Khrischak Issara HeRB 1
Menand, Louis. The Metaphysical Club HeRB 6
Moffett, Samuel Hugh.� A History of Christianity in Asia, Volume II HeRB 13
Noll, Mark. America's God HeRB 8
Parichart Suwanbubbha. "Grace and Kamma" HeRB 5
Peleggi, Maurizio. Lords of Things HeRB 5
Presbyterian Church U.S.A. Annual Reports of the Board of Foreign Missions, 1850-1920 HeRB 6
Prothero, Stephen. American Jesus HeRB 12
Sarna, Jonathan D. American Judaism: A History HeRB 11
Said, Edward W. Orientalism HeRB 7
Thongchai Winichakul. "Writing at the Interstices" HeRB 2
Van der Cruysse, Dirk. Siam & The West 1500 � 1700 HeRB 4
Walls, Andrew. "From Christendom to World Christianity" HeRB 1