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Links to citations from A Resources Blog

Below are the links to resources and items cited in A Resources Blog, the blog associated with this website. These links don't appear (for the most part) in the bibliographies found on this site but are of interest to students of the history of Christianity in Thailand. Enjoy!

DatePosting TitleCitation & Link
2/1/14Boston Evening Transcript Article"Christianity in Siam," Boston Evening Transcript 75 (21 May 1904): Last Edition, 28.
5/3/13McGilvary & Presbyterian RevivalismBebbington, David. Victorian Religious Revivals: Culture and Piety in Local and Global Contexts. Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2012.
4/5/13The Vinton BookVinton, John A. Vinton Book: Vol. 1, Africa, Asia, Papal Lands. Boston: The Congregational Library, [n.d.].
2/15/13Siam RepositoryAvailable in hard copy & PDF through Rare Books Club
12/27/12Seventh-day Adventist Beginnings in Siam"Siam." Asiatic Division Outlook 7, 14-15 (1 August 1918): 2-4
12/27/12Baptist Magazines"Baptist Magazines and Journals from Google Books."
12/14/12CCT Youth: A Survey"A Survey of Christian Youth Related to The Church of Christ in Thailand (A Draft)." Unpublished paper, 2006.
12/03/12Presbyterian Missionaries in Context""Merchants and Missionaries: the Place of the Lanna States of Siam in the Informal Empire of Great Britain Between 1883 and 1921." M.A. thesis, University of Wales, Lampeter, 2011.
11/30/12Elizabeth McGilvary"Elizabeth Allen Paton McGilvary," at findagrave.com.
11/28/12Boon Mark Gittisarn & the CCTBoon Mark Gittisarn, "What Modernism Has Done to Presbyterian Missions in Siam." In Modernism Takes Its Toll of Missionwork, by Carl McIntire and Boon Mark Gittisarn, 28-37. Collingswood, New Jersey: Christian Beacon Press, n.d.
11/25/12Boon Mark Gittisarn & the CCCAMcIntire, Carl. A Testimony in Europe: Travel Letters on Missions (Collingswood, N.J.: Christian Beacon Press, 1951), 39.
11/23/12The Psalms in Northern ThaiThe American Bible Society. The Psalms [in Northern Thai], trans. Jonathan Wilson with Nan Poen. Chiang Mai: Presbyterian Mai Mission Press, 1894.